A new Finance Act aimed at encouraging women’s empowerment has been submitted to the Sierra Leonean Parliament.

Sierra Leone Leones

The law which is due to pass soon provides for a tax break for companies and businesses which appoint women to managerial positions, sources said.

The law, an amendment of the current Financial Act, generally seeks to maximize government’s revenue by, among others, imposing penalty for businesses which default in the collection of the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

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Some businesses are known to maintain two different receipt books, so that buyers are given the option to either pay higher for the GST receipt or less with the other one. Most people often prefer the non-GST receipt.

Civil society organisations have praised the move, saying it will help raise funds to be deployed into life saving sectors.

According to the law, 0.5 percent of all GSTs charged will be allocated to the government’s partial Free Health programme that targets lactating mothers, pregnant women and children under five.