One of the medium at which specializes is the promotion of Indigenous Sierra Leone Music and Videos.


Over the years, we have become an household name to reckon with in online promotional aspect of upcoming urban releases.

We have established ourselves, within the online community, in order to offer musicians, record labels, and managers our continuous experience, skills, and expertise that we have in the digital realm of music marketing.

Our marketing campaigns use strategic methods which are set in place to effectively maximize exposure, build brand awareness, as well as creating a grassroots movement.

Are you a Musician,  Record Label Owner or Artiste/Brand Manager? Come Lets Showcase your Artiste(s) work on our Platform and Experience the true Effectiveness of Sierraloaded Internet promotion.

What We Do:

  • Feature your song on our website which has over 100,000 visitors from around the globe.
  • Distribute your songs through multiple media platforms and social media.
  • Get your official Artiste, Record Label or Music Page on our website.
  • Publish your news and press releases to your target audience and fans across the globe.

What We Require From You:

Sierraloaded music or video promotional service is absolutely free and has no hidden charges attached. However, for your music or video to be accepted by us, you will need to send us the following:

  • MP3 File or Youtube/Soundcloud/Audiomack Link to the song
  • Video File or YouTube link to the video
  • Well designed Artwork or Artiste Picture
  • Catchy Press release, Artiste Biography or About the Song/Video

How To Submit:

Send an email with the above requirements to or simply use the Submission form below.

Artiste Name:

Song/Video Title:


Contact Email:

Youtube/Soundcloud/Audiomack Link:

Image Artwork:

Audio/Video File:


Press release, Artiste Biography or About the Song/Video:


NB: Unfortunately we cant just promote anyone, all artists that send in materials go through a strict approval process where some of our team reviews your lyrics, vocals and quality. Its those factors that decide whether we promote you or not. If you are disapproved this doesn’t mean your not good enough, its just we feel that your work needs improvement before we can promote you.