Associate Professor, Dr. Ibrahim Abdullah has opened a can of worms that spills over gross ineptitude and unprofessionalism on the part of the administration of the University of Sierra Leone, Fourah Bay College.

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In an interview with Awoko at its Percival Street head office yesterday, the Associate Professor said “here are so many unprofessional activities that are going on which I raised in the letter that the university has completely neglected or refused to address.”

He added that “instead they want me to apologize with regards to the letter I wrote. What am I apologizing for? When these people try to take my job illegally away from me and now they are asking me to go and beg them”.

He continued, “in November 2013, I wrote a letter [to the administration] because the out-going Head of Department (HoD) then, Joe Alie had refused to allow me to teach a particular course I was teaching which was ‘Nation Building’.”

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He went on, “this was the first week of the semester when lectures have already started; I was about to go to class when I saw the notice that I cannot teach that course anymore, so I was furious. I went to him (the HoD) and he could not even look me in the face, he could not say anything, so I wrote to the Vice Chancellor copying the Principal and the Dean and the President of the Academic Staff Association complaining to them and explaining that I cannot teach a course on the very week that school has started because I don’t have [neither] the books [nor] the material and also it was unprofessional to do so.”

Dr. Abdullah went on “I even went further to request a meeting with the Vice Chancellor, Ekundayo Thomson and the Registrar, Sorie Dumbuya were I [pointed out] that what is happening in the department [is unprofessional].” They said they would call on the outgoing and the incoming HoD but nothing was done “nobody that was copied in that letter replied…,” he said.

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He emphasized that there are so many unprofessional activities going on which I raised in the letter that the University has completely neglected or refused to address, adding “as far as Sorie and Ekundayo are concern those are not issues at all. All they are concern with is that they are in charge and their power prevails.”

He revealed that the university is chronically understaffed and yet Sorie and Enkundayo are retiring professors at 65 years when court had ruled that the mandatory retirement is 70 years.

“How do you explained that you don’t have people to teach and those qualified you are driving them away?” he questioned rather rhetorically.

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Regarding his suspension and the letter that questioned his mental health, Dr. Abdullah said “I want to explore all the possibilities to amiably resolve this matter, if I don’t have any satisfactory response from them I’ll be consulting my lawyers.”

However, in an interview with the Registrar at his AJ Momoh Street Office, Sorie Dumbuya insinuated that Dr Abdullah is no respecter of authority. He said, “Doc has never respected the authority of any of the heads of department.”

He explained that there are procedures to address redress “if a lecturer is having problems there are procedures to follow, you can’t go around abusing everyone,” he said.