In a tough fight filled with back and forth action, Daniel Lasaio faced someone that he could not outsize and overpower in the champion-champions Professional Boxing bout at the Tennis Court in the Siaka Steven Stadium on Friday 25th March 2016.

Lasaio Vs Katta

The two welterweight fighters fought to a 6 round draw in the 69 kg category. But according to both Lasaio and Katta it was a clear win for them.

Katta proved a difficult one for Lasaio, as both fighters hit themselves frequently with very hard shots. As the fight wore on, Katta’s punches seemed to have more of an impact, as they snapped Lasaio head around. Lasaio finished strong in controlling the 5th and 6th rounds with his aggression and pressure.

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The judges scored the fight 18-18 3 rounds of judges decision.

“I am in total shock. I was never in any danger, never hurt,” Lasaio said.

“Katta is a good fighter and he gave me the kind of fight I wanted but I thought I won all the rounds. So I was surprised this happened to me. This is a disgrace to the association. The judges are bias and their decision does not suit my comfort.

The fight is mine and I won it. They were afraid of taken the right decision for reason best known to them. But I will assure my fans that at any time they stage this bout I make them proud,” Lasiao claimed.

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Speaking to Katta he stated: “I am very disappointed on the decision of the judges. Declaring this fight as a draw is unprofessional. For me I will not fight under the officiating of those judges again, simple because they are too old to officiate boxing.
The sport has developed a lot and we need vibrant people to serve in that capacity”.

He added: “Technically I won the bout, but because of the poor officiating they were unable to take the right decision. As a boxer I am very disappointed because this will kill the spirit of the sport.”

In the other bouts; Isha Fofana from the blue corner and Bakie Kanu from the red corner showcase their talent in an exhibition.

In the 56kg Abubakarr Kanu of Police won by unanimous decision against RSLAF Moses Turay. Correctional Service Abdulai Conteh defeated Saidu P. Kargbo of RSLAF in a 2-1 decision in a 52 kg fight.

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In another Unanimous decision, John Brown of Police beat Alfred Ghana of Twana Boxing Club in the 60kg fight. Ansu Coker of Correctional Service was unanimously declared winner of the 64 kg bout against RSLAF Abu Koroma.

In the 75 kg fights, RSLAF Daniel Oldfield won beat Sorie Sesay of Police in a unanimous decision from the judges, Desmond Cole of Police was declared winner against Abubakarr Kamara of Fighters Factory Boxing Club in a unanimous decision and Mohamed Sillah took 2 minutes to knocked out Frank Weaver of RSLAF with an upper cut punch on his face in the final bout.