The Chief Prison Officer attached at the Pademba Road Magistrate Court, Mr.Abu Bakarr Nyanqui has on Tuesday February 24, 2016 rejected an accused person sent on remand by Magistrate Santigie Bangura of court No. 5.

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Abu Bakarr, who briefed Sierraloaded said the accused is 50 percent mentally ill according to his medical history from the Sierra Leone Military Hospital. He said the facility was built for sane individuals and not insane human beings.

“He was primarily rejected because he is mentally not fit to be incarcerated at the Correctional Centre, more especially for the security of others prisoners. He should be taken to the Mental Home,” he insisted.

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“Since we had a transition from maximum Security prison to Correctional Centre, we are mindful of the kind of people we receive as custodian” he avered.

He informed Sierraloaded that any accused person who is sent to the Centre as of now had to be mentally fit and free from sickness and other visible scar. This according to him is to avoid spreading a possible illness into the facility.

He agreed that the facility current housed over one thousands inmates, adding that transporting anyone who is sick in the head is likely possible to transport a disease into the entire compound, which is why they would not allow anyone whose status they are not satisfied with.

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The rejected accused Jessie Jackson Blama alias Jappah age 44, confirmed to be unemployed hails from New England Ville in Freetown is arraigned before Magistrate Bangura for one count charge of malicious damage.

The Prosecution led by Inspector Foday Tarawallie alleged that the accused on Wednesday 24th June 2015 at No. 54 off Pratt Street, New England Ville maliciously damaged properties of Kuba Sengu worth one million five hundred thousand Leone.

The prosecution further claimed that the accused willfully damaged 60 pairs of shoes value six hundred and fifty thousand leones, 10 suit of clothes value five hundred thousand leones, 10 pairs of slippers value one hundred thousand leones 4 School bags value one hindered and twenty thousand leones and 4 pairs of School uniform cost one hundred and thirty thousand leones, all to the total cost of one million five hundred thousand leones.

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Owing to the rejection of the accused who created a disturbing scene for the court officials by shouting and crying in a rather sarcastic tone, Magistrate Bangura was said to have left his court and have all matters adjourned to report the matter to the Chief Justice.

However, it is unclear what was the out come of the complaint supposedly made to the Chief Justice as of press time.

The suspected mad man was not allowed in prison and it is therefore unclear whether he was release. But his matter was adjourned to the 1st March 2016.