Prince Harold Thorpe has declared his intention to vie for the Mayorhip of the Freetown city council(FCC) under the ticket of the ruling All People’s Congress party if given the opportunity by the party bigwigs.

Harold Thorpe

“Definitely I have the intention to run for the mayorhip because I want to effectively manage he affairs of the city and take it to the higher Heights,” he said.

He started that he is a Sierra Leonean born and raised in Freetown.“I’m sure that I am the next APC mayor for the FCC by the grace of God,” he pronounced.

Speaking to the unique reporter last night, Mr Prince Harold Thorpe reiterated that only a young and dynamic man like him can salvage the current challenges facing the city.

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“My aspirations and intentions are premised on several factors factors given the fact the city needs a redeemer. It takes only a young man like me to amicably address all the key issues that are almost turning the city down,” he stated.

He bluffed that he had the knowledge, experience and expertise to deal with issues and problems affecting the city with maximum care.
Thrope noted that he is the many of the people and he is more popular than any other person for that position, adding that he has the ability and techniques to win the hearts of the Freetown residents.

He has assured to decongest the city by strengthening the various by-laws so as to tackle the numerous challenges facing the Freetown.

He pointed out that he has the capacity and ability to transform the city and return it to its glorious days through city planning if given the opportunity by his party.

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The mayor in the waiting maintain that he was aware that land procurement has been a major challenges for many residents in Freetown which was why construction of houses were taking place beyond the green belt. He has also promised to green the city by painting tress so as to tackle the problems of deforestation.

“I will plant tress in empty spaces within the municipality to avoid further deforestation”. He vowed.

Addressing the issues of municipal schools, Thrope said he was unhappy with the conditions of all schools under the municipality.
“I will construct enough classrooms to ease the problems affecting the various leaning capacity. We need better conducive environment for the learning than what is obtained now in the municipal schools,” he stated.

Prince Thorpe also noted that he understands the prime needs of the people. “At one time, public schools in Freetown were the best. I believe he who opens a school, closes the gate of prison. There is no doubt that Freetown is witnessing huge migration each day,” he explained.

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He called on all residents in the western area to grow beyond free education mindset and intervene in the education sector. He also appealed to his party to give him the chance to prove his ability in running the administration of the city.

Meanwhile, Prince Harold Thorpe had spent most of his adult life working to build Freetown’s future; He involved in private project management. He had a bachelor of Commerce degree including his PMP, CRM, BA professional designation.

He owns a private organization called ‘friends like brothers’ a non profit making entity aims at inspiring the young to grow. Thrope’s Friends like brothers ‘ has been engaged in keeping the city clean in various communities across Freetown. Prince Thorpe is presently working at shell Canada as lead and project coordinator.