A former principal assistant and deputy chairman, Dr. Prince Harding has emerged the new National Chairman and Leader of the Sierra Leone People’s People’s Party (SLPP).

The emergence of Dr. Harding, who will now succeed former chairman Chief Somanoh Kapen, followed intense negotiations and horse trading among various contending forces in the party.

Sierraloaded understands that the backing out of the former chairman, Chief Kapen paved way for Prince Harding.

His nomination was subsequently ratified by SLPP delegates at the 2017 National executiveConvention of the party, holding at Kenema, Sierra Leone.

Dr. Harding’s candidature was promoted by a prominent leader and presidential flagbearer aspirant of the party, Maada Bio. He is to be assisted by Umaru Dumbuya, the new Deputy Chairman and Leader.

The full list of the new SLPP executives are below:

1. Dr. Prince Harding Chairman and Leader (South)

2. Umaru Dumbuya Deputy Chairman and Leader- (North)

3.Umaru Napoleon Koroma Secretary general .(East)

4.Sheku Lexmond Koroma Dpt secretary general (South)

5. Manso Dumbuya regional western area vice chairman (north)

6. Hon. Suluku vice chairman South (South)

7. Hon. Philip Tondorneh vice chairman East (east)

8. Abu Abu vice chairman North (North)

9. Lahai Leema – publicity secretary elect.(East)

10. Musa Moiguah- YG elect.(South)

11. Emerson Kamara YG secretary elect.(North)

12. Jimmy B Songa- Organising Secretary elect.(South)

13. Rex Bonapha Dpt organising secretary elect.(East)

14. Fatmata Sawaneh – Women’s Leader elect.(East)

15. Fatmata Bockarie – Dpt women’s leader elect.(East)

16. Lawyer Berewa Legal adviser 1 (south)

17. Eke Halloway legal adviser 2 (south)

18. Hindolo M. Gevao Legal adviser 3 (South)

19. Dr JD Rogers Financial secretary.(South)

20. Martha Kanagbou – Treasurer (south)

21. Mohamed F. Sheriff- internal auditor (south)

21. Rev. Dwight French -Chaplin (south)

22. Alhaji M. N. Koroma- Imam (…?)

23. Alhaji M. B Fadika- Trustee West (urban) (West)

24. Frederick A.S. Walker- Trustee west (Rural) (West)

25. Sidi B. Sowa – Trustee South 1 (south)

26. Luretia M. Sheriff-Trustee South 2 (South)

27. Alhaji M.L. Kallon-Trustee East 1 (East)

28. Agnes K.Sebba – Trustee East 2 (East)

29. Alusine Fofanah- Trustee North 1 (north)

30. Alie Badara Kamara-TrusteeNorth2 (north)