One of the Leading Presidential Flagbearers of the main opposition Sierra Leone People Party (SLPP) Andrew Keili has described the recent cabinet reshuffle of President as one that is full of inefficient people.

Andrew Keilli

He continued that many things other than the efficiencies would have swayed the President to make such an appointment, adding that they were expecting a cabinet of technocrat

He said that although the cabinet appeals to many interests such as the young people and gender, the President’s cabinet is one that he described as an elections cabinet

Andrew Kieli lamented that the economy of the country is in the doldrums, educational systems is in shamble and that youth unemployment are very serious problems which this government has not been able to tackle

“” believe the SLPP we would get over the squabbles in the SLPP and the party will come back to power in 2018,” Andrew Keili maintained.

Two weeks ago, the President in what he described as the restructuring of the overall governance structure of Sierra Leone which many people have contended with because of the caliber of people that have been appointed in his recent cabinet reshuffle.