It was Sunday 17, at President Koroma’s state lodge abode that separatist coalition political party members- PLP, CDP and PDP- together received US$10,000 for the holding of a press conference to denounce Musa Tarawally’s backing of Julius Bio at run-off polls March 27.

An insider coalition member who was part of the delegation that received the US$10,000 told NEW AGE that the amount was given so-called coalition members for the holding of a press conference to debunk Musa’s declaration for Bio.

Our investigations revealed how the CDP Chairman, Gibril Thullah was part of the meeting with Bio which saw coalition members endorsing his March 27 run-off polls bid.

List of CDP coalition members that met Bio
That his (Gibril’s) only demand is that he should be made deputy education minister if Bio emerges winner.

In the said meeting, PDP’s Chairman, Prince Coker, told Bio how Dr. Kadi Sesay, sometime ago, reasonably and money-wise had supported his bid for the chairmanship of his party.

And that for this sake, he will wholeheartedly join other coalition members endorse Bio in the coming run-off elections.

It is true Alhaji Musa Tarawally, presidential aspirant Citizens Democratic Party (CDP), last week, endorsed opposition SLPP presidential flagbearer, Rtd Brg Julius Maada Bio for the March 27 polls.

In a press release dated 17 March, Musa Tarawally said: “in my capacity as Leader and Presidential Candidate for the Citizen Democratic Party (CDP) and coalition members, I want to thank all members , candidates and supporters of the Citizen Democratic Party (CDP), Revolutionary United Front Party (RUFP), Peace and Liberation Party (PLP) and People Democratic Party (PDP) across the country for actively participating and voting for me in the March 7 2018 Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Council.”

Musa Tarawally stated that despite the challenges with the electioneering process, they have made progress to the extent of a run-off between the main opposition SLPP and the APC.

“We joined other political parties in condemning the elections malpractices, irregularities and violent nature of the campaign process before the elections and ensuing tribal campaign characterizing the run-off elections,” he affirmed.

Musa Tarawally explained that he believed in Sierra Leone and at the same time expressed hope that the run-off elections will be peaceful, free, fair and credible.

He maintained that being a post war country should remind them of the mistakes that led the country to a decade long war, noting that they must end marginalization and support a fair share of national responsibilities and opportunities.

“I am convinced that at this critical point of our development and social challenges, our country needs a change and a new direction. Therefore as leader and presidential candidate of Citizens Democratic Party (CDP), I firmly endorsed Rtd Brg Julius Maada Bio, the Presidential Candidate of the Sierra Leone People Party (SLPP) to be the next president of the Republic of Sierra Leone.”

He called on all his supporters and well-wishers and all well-meaning Sierra Leoneans of the voting age to solidly vote for Rtd Brg Julius Maada Bio on March 27 2018