As the people of Koidu City, Kono in particular and Sierra Leoneans in general grapple with the high court’s decision relieving OCTEA mining company of any tax obligation to Koidu City, MamabaTV have been busy looking into the dealings of OCTEA, its alleged subsidiary, Koidu Holdings, and their parent company Benny Steinmetz Resource Group (BSRG).

Ernest Bai Koroma-Sierra-Leone

As we attempt to connect the links on who is behind the companies and their relationships with each other, and their jurisdictions, we stumbled on a very interesting set of information disclosed by the United States based market research firm, Bloomberg on its website.

In the overview of the Koidu Holdings SA, the following are listed as “Key Executives For Koidu Holdings SA” as of April 14, 2016: Jan Joubert, Chief Executive Officer; Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, President, and Ibrahim Kamara, Chief Communication Officer.

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If this information is anything to go by, this would amount to the most blatant conflict of interest discovery of our times and the answer to the mystery over OCTEA and Koidu Holdings tax evasion allegations can be finally explained. MambaTV has contacted Bloomberg to corroborate the information disclosed on their website in order to ascertain that it is not reported in error.

In the meantime, you can find the information yourself at the link below: