Reports coming out of Kenema is that President Ernest Koroma has denied any interest in a third term or “More Time” call for himself.


According to MambaTV’s iReporter, President Koroma responded to a question about the rumors that he intends to stay in office after the end of his second and final term. In response, the president reportedly stated that while he would like to see his party given a third consecutive term, he is not interested in serving beyond his second term.

President Koroma is in Kenema this weekend on a thank you tour. The tour is intended to thank Sierra Leoneans including local leaders, chiefs and healthcare workers for their contribution to bring the Ebola outbreak to an end.

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However, a small group of supporters of the president’s party are reported to have marked the occasion in t-shirts carrying the message “More Time”.

Many Sierra Leoneans both at home and in the diaspora dismiss any call for more time for President Koroma as unwarranted.

Many reject the attempt because it is seen as way of compromising the democratic gains made by the country after the civil war and a recipe for another instability.