Editor’s note: The inability of President Koroma to prosecute corrupt Ministers and curtail youth crime has put off investors from investing in Sierra Leone; until then youth unemployment and crime will continue to rise.

Koroma-Bintumani Hotel

In this piece, Tamba Gborie who writes from the UK reveals that despite the president’s usual utterances of his commitment to the holistic eradication of corruption, promote equal opportunities and ensure youth employment, none has materialise and there are signs are that the president will not achieve any. His continuous recycling of graft and the provision of protection for corrupt Ministers and public officials found wanting hampers the president’s effort to move the country forward. Fair to say it is a self inflicted injury.

The English man often say; you cannot have it both ways, a statement which signifies several meanings depending on the circumstance one may refer to. In the case of our president, he cannot be the president and at the same time be the head of a criminal cartel that accommodate and fund criminal activities.

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Corruption in Sierra Leone is chaired, endorsed and approved by the president, therefore he would not allow the police to prosecute his appointed Ministers who are so ingrained in corruption. He refused to grant permission to the police for the arrest and prosecution of his Ministers who embezzle Ebola funds.

The president interrupted the police from effecting arrest warrant and prosecution of Logus Koroma. Logus bought 75 second hand buses instead of 100 buses from China with Sierra Leone tax payer’s money without procurement procedure and accountability. Many people refer to the bus transactions as fraudulent.

The few Journalists in Sierra Leone who attempted to investigate the bus scandal were told to step aside or else face the wrath of president Koroma’s secret agents. The Journalists backed off.

It was EBK and the Late Moseray Fadika RIP that defraud London Mining out of several million dollars, which lead to the closure of the company.

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Until his death Mr. Fadika and the president had scores to settle as part of the stolen loot was not shared accordingly.

In fact the rumours are that Mr. Fadika made away with a huge chunk of the stolen loot of the president’s share.

In the same messy puddle is the London Holding; after president Koroma cheated the company out of Thousands of dollars, the company closed down and later became OCTEA.

To encourage the new management of OCTEA, president Koroma stroke a deal with the company to mine tax free on the agreement that he gets 25% share in the company. What is supposed to go to Kono district as tax payment now goes to president Koroma in the form of his share in the company.

The president’s double standard deals with foreign companies in the likes of OCTEA as put the company in such a funny and shameful position that their mining in Kono without paying taxes is to their displeasure and fear of militant attacks.

The company know they should honour their corporate social responsibilities to the district in the form of tax and other amenities. Because of greed the president wants everything to himself.

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His failure to do what is best for Sierra Leoneans among other things is combat corruption, curtail youth crime and promote the rule of law investors will continue to distance themselves from Sierra Leone.

A country with good record in crime prevention and minimising corruption, enforcing the laws and allowing foreign companies to operate freely without the president asking for share for himself would attract more companies to invest in the country.

Would president Koroma do the same for Sierra Leone as he is so politically imbued in making dirty money to buy APC rebels for his third term.

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