Residents of Thompson Bay, west of Freetown (Dokoty), are aggrieved over what they described as ‘inhuman treatment’ meted them by the President’s brother, Sylvanus Koroma aka ‘What A Man.’

Sylvanus Koroma

The aggrieved Dokoty residents say they were shocked to wake up on a certain morning and saw a fence being constructed between a land they described as ‘State Land’ situated and lying between two Government Quarters.

They said that they were not bothered by the construction but by the use of the only access road for the construction of such a fence linking the community and Wilkinson Road.

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A resident who asked for his name not to be identified because of fear of reprisal told Salone Times that Sylvanus Koroma (the President’s brother) was approached vis-a-vis community concern, but he heeded not to their concern, rather further extended the fence thus blocking the entire and only access road of the people.

That Sylvanus also complained two community members to the Police for trespass and malicious damage (allegedly).
Meanwhile sources close to the Ministry of Lands told Salone Times that the land in question is but a state land and meant not for private persons but Civil Servants.

When Salone Times contacted Sylvanus through Africel line, he denied grabbing any government land, and denied constructing a fence on any access road.

Asked if he knows about any land at Thomson Bay (Dokoty), he replied saying: “I have told you ‘No,’ and please cross check with your source.”

He added, “well, if you so desire, why not identify the land you talking about to me?”

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Even though Sylvanus denied knowledge of the Dokoty land and, of course, the grabbing and construction of a fence on any access road, also asking Salone Times identify the land in question to him, document confirming that he (Sylvanus Koroma) has reported two Community Members to the police.

Findings have also proven as well that there are multi-million houses constructed on state lands at Guma Valley Road and Blue Bell, off Spur Road, allegedly owned by family members of the powers that be.