Fatmata Koroma, a pregnant woman being charged to court for murder is still detained at the female correctional centre in Freetown while the court awaits a factual witness to testify in the matter.

Pregnant Girl

Police reports stated that the accused on Wednesday 8th June 2016 physically assaulted her rival Sama Bangura at their Mount Aureole resident in the Eastern part of Freetown and on 19th June 2016 died as a result of bite injuries and wounds sustained during the fight.

Addressing the court on behalf of the accused on Monday 17th October, defence counsel, I.P. Mammie expressed dissatisfaction on the manner in which the accused was charged stating that she made a voluntary statement to the police for domestic violence but was charged for murder.

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“There is a burden on the police and it is a problem since they get instructions to charge”, Mammie stressed.

Responding, the presiding magistrate, Binneh Kamara said there was no way in which he could commit the matter to High Court since there was no factual witness and the pathologist had refused to come to court to testify in the matter.

He stated that he until he gets the scene of crime officer to testify and tender the pathological report in court, his ruling will not be in conformity with the rule of law.

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The magistrate also emphasised on the voluntary caution statement that the witness made to the police and the offence she was charged for adding that added that no factual witness has come forward to testify since the inception of the matter.

He said he will try to ensure that the pathologist come to court otherwise the scene of crime officer will have to come. The matter was adjourned to Monday 24th October.