The leading Presidential aspirant for the People Democratic Party (PDP), Osman Tarawally commonly called ‘’Salone Donald Trump” has accused the Political Party Registration Commission (PPRC) to be responsible behind the current impasse of the main Opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP).


Tarawally made this disclosure while commenting on several questions posed to him by this medium during a convened recorded interview held at the Times SL Newspaper office on Soldier Street in Freetown.

He said the Political Party Registration Commission (PPRC) was established by Act of Parliament to regulate and monitor the affairs and conducts of all political parties in the country. PPRC, he said, has abandoned their functions and are hell bent in disuniting political parties .

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PPRC he alleged, is doing nothing to mediate the SLPP political impasse instead the latter are busy rallying behind the ruling APC Government to lobby for more financial support to promote their selfish agenda. “PPRC is the cause of SLPP Political Saga because the latter who should intervene and mediate the conflict in the SLPP as part of their function are nowhere to be found doing so but they went on abandoning their function to promote certain agenda of the ruling APC Government” Tarawally blasted.

Tarawally called on the Chief Electoral Commissioner of the National Electoral Commission to respect the rule of law by way of making pronouncement for a date to convene the country general election for which he deemed to take place this year November,2017 indicating that any attempt made by NEC to postpone the general Election date for 2018 is a massive violation of the rule of law.

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Tarawally also blasted President Koroma for his incompetence to stabilize the country ‘s economy as prices of basic commodities keep skyrocketing ,noting that, when elected as president of this country, he is going to ensure that he promotes education as well as providing sufficient food stuff for all and sundry.

The PDP Presidential Hopefuls ended by saying that SLPP political saga is easy to resolve because there are only two SLPP party’s official (Maada Bio and yumkella) that are actually disrupting the peace of the party saying as member of the opposition he is going to engage both to mediate for peaceful resolution in the SLPP.