• By Abdulrahman Koroma

People seeking for justice in the Pademba Road Court have complained about the lack of electricity supply at all the courts in the Pademba Road Magistrate Court.

In fact one of the magistrates is using Chinese light in the court as a result of the dire power shortage in the courts. In another development, Police Inspector Deen of the Freetown Pademba Road Court has threatened to jail two journalists.

This was after the two journalists on Tuesday the 30 of August occupied a seat the inspector wanted a prosecution witness to sit at the time the journalists were sitting on it.

The journalists before occupying the said seat were standing for more than 30 munities until someone vacates the seat because the court did not provide seats for journalists.

Inspector Deen noted that there are selected journalists that are been designated to cover issues in the said court and that if any journalist dares to sit on the said seat the other day they will be thrown to jail.

Court No.2 which is presided over by Tonia Barnett does not have a separate seat for journalist and most time journalist strive to report the news.