It is inconceivable to see Young People- the bulk of which is parading the corners of this country claiming for a better recognition as potential leaders of tomorrow, if a good number of them are still basking with rays of lawlessness and in the vanity of being our redeemers. What could be much more baffling is the fact that most of the recorded instances of lawlessness are being done by the category of those that are in Western Institutions of Learning. The article you are about to read is a case in point.


It originated from a Road Accident which involved a Junior Secondary School Pupil of the Movement of Faith Islamic School at Gberay Junction in the person of Abdul Bangura. He was riding a bicycle along the Masiaka/ Gberay Junction Highway when hit by a Daff Benz Truck with registration number- RC 5615 that was under the control of one Lansana Sillah – a Guinean by Nationality.

When the news of the accident reached the Gberay Junction Police Station, the Officer Commanding the Station- Inspector Alimamy Koroma ordered some Police Personnel including his Operational Officer- Inspector Samura to visit the Scene. The Team went and reported that the accident was serious as the victim- Abdul Bangura was found in a pool of blood. It further reported that the driver of the Daff Truck was on the run.

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The Officer Commanding the Police Station then instructed that the victim be rushed to the Government Hospital in Port Loko. In a bid to ensure that the driver does not contrive an escape with the Daff Truck, Inspector Alimamy Koroma mounted a snap check point which led to the subsequent arrest of the Driver in question.

A good number of Pupils of the Movement of Faith Islamic Junior Secondary School rush to the Gberay Junction Police Station when they got wind of the accident and demanded for the Driver in order to skin him alive. Again the Officer Commanding prevailed on them to keep their cool with the explanation that both the Driver and Daff Truck were in Police custody, adding that the victim- Abdul Bangura was responding to treatment.

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But the Pupils had by then converted themselves into an angry mob and were in no position to understand any form of explanations even when Inspector Koroma sort for the intervention of their Teachers. They started pelting stones, sticks and other missiles at both the Officers and the Police Station which they threatened to set on fire.

The Parent Station in Port Loko was informed and the Local Unit Commander- Superintendent A.S.P Lakoh mobilised reinforcement to Gberay Junction. But this only hardened the hearts and minds of the Pupils who became uncontrollable. The situation was only put under control when some tear gas was fired to disperse the angry mobs. But they quickly regrouped to ambush the convoy that was escorting the Driver and Daff Vehicle to Port Loko. It was at that juncture that some people were arrested and carried to Port Loko.

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According to the Crime Officer at the Port Loko Police Station where the matter was being invested – Assistant Superintendent of Police –Michael J. K Lagga, 5 suspects were arrested including – Gibril Turay , Salifu Saidu Conteh, Ibrahim Sow, Umaru Sow, and Mohamed Conteh. He said they have since been investigated and will be charged with riotous conduct plus related Public Order Offences. F U K Daboh is the Assistant Inspector General of Police in charge of the Northern/ Western Region.

He said the suspects did not behave as School- going Pupils which is why they need to face the Law in order to avoid a recurrence of such an uncivilised act. [By Hassan Bruz]