The Poro Society is cracking now on boys and men fleeing initiation in karboro Chiefdom, Southern Sierra Leone. Initiation has become a well planned event these days as boys and young men are refusing not to get initiated into the society and don’t mind risking their lives to escape it.

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The body of one James Samuels, 24. Was discovered on the beach of yonkey Island, a small island within shenge in the municipality on the 28th September , 2016. According to sources his father Albert Samuels who is a strong member of the poro Society in Shenge wanted him to be initiated into the society and take over his position. He called the potential young man who was in Freetown, he told him he is seriously sick. As a caring son, he came to see his father. As soon as the young man arrived, the members of the poro Society planned his abduction into the society Bush.

Fortunately for him, his good friend exposed the plan to him and advised him to leave the town as soon as possible or else they will take him to the Bush. As he understand what it means, he wasted no time and immediately left the town without telling anyone, he tried to cross over to plantain Island, another town not to far from Shenge where he could have find it easy to make his way to Freetown. The next day a body was found on the island Shores. This is as a result of fear of force of initiation into the poro Society the source said.

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Three men from this same community are on the run since 2013 for fear of initiation and to take part in the poro Society John Steven, Joseph Barlay and Tommy Williams, one local elder said and until now we don’t know their way about.

According to one of the elders, he said it is not every male that really want to be part of the Secret society, but it is the tradition of the town and has been here for centuries, no one can change it! He said people on the run can escape it if we don’t set eyes on them again.

Poro has become our problem here, one woman complained. As their sons flee the town leaving school, because they were afraid of being forcefully initiated. And was asking if there is way to bring this to an end as it affecting the community today. I know many more will continue to flee this town because of the poro, she concluded.