A policeman attached to Port Loko Police division is currently battling for his life after he was run over by a trailer when he fell off a commercial bus in a bid to arrest the bus driver.

Poda Poda

Sierraloaded gathered that the incident happened around 9 a.m on Friday, February 19th around Bankasoka in Port Loko. The driver of the commercial bus popularly called Poda Poda had stopped to pick up passengers in what was considered an illegal point.

The policeman was said to have jumped into the Poda Poda to apprehend the driver who sped off immediately. It was gathered that in a bid to avoid colliding with a vehicle ahead that suddenly stopped, the driver applied his brakes which made the precariously hanging policeman fall on the road.

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A trailer that was speeding from behind then ran over him. The policeman was said to have suffered serious injury immediately and was bleeding profusely while the bus driver and passengers abandoned the vehicle and fled the scene.

Kargbo Bakin, an eyewitness who was a passenger in the bus said the driver was compelled to apply brake as the vehicle in front of him had stopped suddenly.

Crushed Police officer Port Loko

“The policeman jumped into the commercial bus while the bus was moving and picking passengers. “All of a sudden, the commercial bus driver braked and the policeman fell off and a truck coming from behind hit him. The vehicle in front of the commercial bus had stopped. So the bus driver did same.”,

Asked if the Driver has done anything to warrant the arrest, “The driver did nothing, He was just trying to pick up passengers when the policeman started running towards him. We knew the policeman wanted to collect bribe because the the driver has not committed any offense”, Kargbo told Sierraloaded.

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Officials of the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority were said to have visited the scene of the accident and took the bleeding body of the policeman away.

Sources hinted that the policeman died few days ago. But the SLRSA in their statement said he is responding to treatment.