Mohamed Sankoh alias ‘Dustin’ was recently dismissed from the Sierra Leone Police force (SLP) on allegations of stealing and being in possession of thirteen (13) pieces of dynamite explosives belonging to Transcend International Resources SL Ltd in the Tonkolili District, Northern Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone Police Sleeping

Mohamed was arrested on 7th March 2016 and was charged to court on three counts of store breaking and larceny, being in possession of fire explosives (dynamites) and demanding money with menace, with intent to steal contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone.

Currently, Mohamed is being investigated at the Freetown magistrate court No. 1, and according to police, on Friday 15th January 2016 at Solar Mountain mining site at Masambri village, Kafe Simia Chiefdom, Tonkolili district, it was reported that the ex-police officer broke and entered into the store of Transcend International Resource SL Ltd and stole thirteen pieces of Dynamite explosives.

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Also, on the said date, it was alleged that the accused was found in possession of stolen dynamite explosives without lawful authority and used the explosives to intimidate one Emeric Musa Dumbuya and demanded the sum of one hundred and two thousand Leones (Le102,000,00) with intent to steal.

As preliminary investigations continue the Country Director of Transcend International Resource SL Ltd, Alphonso Alpha Yajah was in court to testify. He explained to Magistrate Binneh Kamara that his company operates in Tonkolili District, Kafi Simera Chiefdom with headquarters in Masumbri village.

He said Transcend International Resource SL Ltd has a legitimate license for exploration of gold and owns properties at the mining sites including dynamites explosives and furthered that the company employed the services of police officers as security for which the accused was part of.

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Mr. Yajah told the court that as director of the company he noticed series of thefts within the company and that prompted him to notify his employees and made reports at the Magburaka police station and prior to the report he learnt that another theft had happened that involved the thirteen dynamites explosives which were discovered with the accused.

The matter continues on 22nd April 2016 for the defence to cross examine the witness.