Police Sergeant Allieu Mansaray attached at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) headquarters in Freetown has for the second time exhibited gross incompetence in open court by flip flopping his testimony with cheap lies.


According to law Magistrates and Judges should be neutral or seen holding the balance in every criminal matter before them as the scale of Justice demands.

In a penultimate week, prescisely, Thursday January 14, 2016 Sergeant Allieu Mansaray under oath repeatedly lied to gain unmerited promotion from recommendations probably from the local government minister Madam Diana.

Earlier, Mansaray had said under cross-examination conducted by Lawyer Francis Ben Keifala Esq. that during the course of his investigation he requested for the judgment delivered in Alie Kabba’s case in Ellenol Wilff country court between him and his ex-wife in America.

He said he did not received the said judgment and hastily charged Mr. Kabba to court. On Thursday he misinformed the court that before charging the matter to court the judgment was delivered to him via DHL forgetting his earlier denial.

“The judgment was addressed to me, or no no, it was addressed to the CID or sorry, it was addressed to the head of crime management” he said in panic mode. (Lie lie Police ????)

Unfortunately, the DHL plastic envelope provided by the prosecution team gives absolutely no information as to whom it was sent.

This contradicts information provided by Allieu Mansaray who identified himself as Sergeant in a supposedly so-called Force for good.

It is probably possible that it could’ve been manufactured as there was no justification provided by the prosecution of ten or so Lawyers stating the 2,000 pages tendered was a judgment from the United State of America.

There were significant discrepancies in the testimony of Allieu Mansaray, although the defense led by Francis Ben Keifala raised several objections even to the tendering of the 2,000 page book tagged as the American judgment, Magistrate Seray-Wurie over ruled the objections because he might be trying his own way to satisfy the minister as well.

Sergeant Mansaray continuously misinformed the court that he read the 2,000 pages which was randomly reduce to 200 in two days before charging Alie Kabba to court.

He answered in the affirmative that he charged with Bigamy base on the book which he was never preview to before sending the case to court.