Sierraloaded is in receipt of a report that three people suffering from bullet wounds were brought to the Kambia Hospital for treatment this morning.

Kambia Shooting 4

Sources in Kambia said the fracas started when community people failed to heed to police request to produce inmates of quarantined homes who have reportedly fled their homes for some unknown destinations.

The police subsequently ordered a temporal closure of the chiefdom’s open market trading, a move that provoked angry reactions from the traders most of whom have bought their wares from Guinea.

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The Police Local Unit Commander has reportedly said he received orders to close the open market but what triggered the shooting of those three people by OSD personnel has continued to baffle many observers.

Kambia Shooting 3

It is also believed that the very quarantined homes were guarded by police personnel, therefore, the disappearance of those inmates could not have happened without the knowledge of the security personnel guarding the homes.

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The police Local Unit Commander, Supt Francis Hazeley says his men fired only teargas after youth twice attacked and damaged his station as he deployed troops to stop any open market trading because of the 43 missing Ebola contacts they are searching for. What remains unclear now is who shot the three wounded people that have been brought to Kambia Hospital and whether such shooting was warranted.

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Earlier in the week, Police had been deployed in the area in search of 50 Ebola contacts. Last week, a new case of Ebola was reported in Northern Sierra Leone after months of being declared by the World Health Organization as Ebola transmission free.

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Supt. Francis said that seven of the initial 50 contacts had been found and quarantined and that they had agreed with the community that open market be suspended until further notice.

As situation gradually returns to normal, many people have blamed the police of heavy handedness and lack of professionalism.