Police officers are reportedly frustrated over three months of lack of supply of rice due them.

Junior as well as senior police officers have told the New Age that they have not received their usual monthly rice supply since December 2015.

Some police officers say: “it has been habits of especially management officials of the police to willfully withhold monthly rice supply of defenceless policemen and women, converting same to their benefits, thereby making thousands go hungry for weeks or sometimes month (s).”

The officers revealed that neither the Inspector General nor any of his management officials have explained reason (s) for the months of no supply of rice owed thousands of police personnel.

And the question they keep asking is “whether the halt on rice supply for police is linked to the last year’s announced austerity measures, or one exposing corruption from within ranks in the chain of command of the Police.”

Facts unconcealed point to the fact that police officers, in particularly, those holding lucrative management positions at police headquarter, building themselves expensive houses, owning fleet of cars and having millions of unexplained savings in accounts unknown.

Allegations by distressed Police Officers are that houses built by number of senior management officials in the SLP were derived from the uncalled for slicing of emoluments of poor police personnel including months of rice owed them.

“As junior police officers, we are not allowed to talk or make our grief public, and in a situation we attempt going public, we are either sacked or accused of committing mutiny,” some police officers who asked for their names not to be mentioned said.

It is a fact that the police, army, prison and fire forces for decades have been receiving monthly supply of rice, but such came to a halt during governance of Late President Kabbah.

And in 2007, when President Koroma took over governance, he brought back the supply of rice to all the forces- police, army, and prison and fire forces respectively.

This, over the years, has seen personnel of these security forces applaud the Koroma’s regime for removing hunger from their homes.

However, since such took effect, there have been dissentions from junior police personnel that they have not been getting their monthly rice supply evenly. The latest of disapprovals is one coming from junior as well as senior police officers, who alleged they have not got their rice supply for four months.

Many say the anti corruption should institute investigation into allegation by police officers that they have not received their rice supply for four months to prove whether senior management officials have hand in it.

They say if such isn’t given the seriousness it deserves, it is possible it may result in the increase of corruption by police officers, who no doubt may want to compensate for their rice. The police media directorate could not be reached for comment on the allegation.