The official in charge of fighting sexual violence and abuse against women within the Sierra Leone police has called for a concerted effort to tackle the menace, reports said last Saturday.

Freetown Rape Protest 2

Superintendent Mirrah Koroma said Friday figures of sexual abuse in 2015 showed that the situation was alarming. The Family Support Unit, which she heads, said last year 2, 398 cases were recorded.

1, 067 of those are currently on trial, according to the police. Over 100 of the total cases involve rape.

The issue of sexual penetration of children in the country became so alarming especially in 2015, Koroma said, adding that some concerted effort was needed to tackle it.

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The police accused parents of contributing to the problem by compromising cases.

She also lamented high charges on medical bills, which have caused frustration in many victims who prefer to stay away from hospital. And without the medical report the police cannot prosecute a case involving sexual assault.