A Sierra Leonean social media blogger, Samuel Fly Gandi, has been arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department over one of his stories.

Samuel Fly Gandi

Finda Koroma, the sister of Sierra Leone’s First Lady and Co-Founder of a charitable organization, Play House Foundation, has just confirmed the arrest.

According to Finda, A social Media blogger has been arrested and detailed at the CID’s headquarters in Freetown for an alleged “defamation of her characters on social media” during the last year’s By election at constituency 025 in the eastern Kono district.

Septimus of all people reports that, Finda alleged that Mr. Gandi had been tarnishing her family name on social media maliciously over the past years of her return to Sierra Leone to help develop her district, Kono.

Herself, been a lawyer by profession, Finda, expressed optimism in the judicial system of the country that it would dispense justice in her matter, adding that: “I have no doubt in the judicial system of this country and that I have the firm trust that it will adjudicate justly this matter devoid of my position,”.