•  By George Philip

Ansumana Kallon was yesterday arrested by police for allegedly killing a thirteen year old boy known as Alpha Brima in a bush of a small community called Gaama.

Ansumana Kallon is 23 years old and a native of Gaama but has not resided there for over ten years. According to an eye witness, He came into Gaama on Thursday to spend some time with his uncle Abdulai Feika who claimed to know nothing about the boy’s attitudes because they have not met for a very long time.

As tradition demands, Mr. Feika introduced the boy to the town authorities and his immediate neighbors. On Friday, Mr Feika’s son Alhaji and Ansumana Kallon went to the farm to scare birds , they met Alpha Brima, the deceased in the farm collecting firewood. They exchanged greetings and concentrated on their bird scaring.

Ansumana Kallon later told Alhaji and the deceased that he wanted to returned to the village. Whilst they were accompanying him to the village he grasped the deceased by his neck, took the cutlass away from him and started to hit him with it. Alhaji tried to stop him but he did not listen he instead threatened to kill him.

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He ran to the village to call on the attention of people to help the deceased but Ansumana Kallon had already killed and cut Alpha Brima into bit and pieces like a slaughtered cow before the arrival of the rescue team. As if that was not enough, he had to chase people with his cutlass from one point to the other.

He attacked and seriously wounded one eight year old boy known as Sorie Kamara before he was arrested and handed over to the police . It was gethered that Sorie Kamara has been taken to the Government Hospital Kenema for further treatment.

According to Mr. Kanneh, the town chief , Ansumana Kallon admitted that he was responsible for the killing but did not explain any reason for doing so. Among the many tattoos on his body included tiger, scorpion and c c.

Sources who knows Ansumana said He was living with his parents in Sendumei in Niawa Chiefdom where he gave his father, Lahai Kallon a serious beating and almost decapitated him with a cutlass. He was arrested and detained by police in Bandawor for attempted murder on his father.

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His mother became irritated and threatened to divorce her husband for taking such a disciplinary action against their beloved child. Mr Kallon had no choice but to facilitate his son’s release in order to pacify his wife. The authorities of Sendumei condemned Ansumana Kallon’s atrocious act of brutality and promised to banish him if he attacks his father again. His was given money by his parents to leave Sendumei and the entire Niawa Chiefdom .

He accepted and made his way into Gaama in Dama Chiefdom where he killed a boy and wounded the other. Police authorised the community to grave the corpse while the investigate the reasons behind Ansumana Kallon’s atrocious brutality.