We were always told to avoid taking laws in our hands. Then I asked ‘When those responsible for protecting your life become the same people extra judicially inflicting injuries and pains on you’ How do we tackle that?

Mohammed Nyallay

The above illustration describes the incident which happened last Friday, 24th March 2017 in Kenema district, lower Bambara chiefdom, Foindu Mamemah village where a Police Officer named Sahr Gbetuwa who is attached at the Foindu Mamemah Police Station was accused of been drunk and assaulting a civilian identified as Mohammed Nyallay.

According to social media informants, the suspected Police officer, Sahr Gbetuwa had an unresolved conflict with an unidentified person in the neighborhood club house. Unfortunately, Gbetuwa mistakenly held Mohammed Nyallay as his opponent, and gave him a nasty bit that removed the upper lip of his mouth.

Witnesses narrated that during the Jam, Gbetuwa didn’t wear his police uniform but rather in his civilian attire. According to Kamal Barrie of the Advocacy Unit in Kenema, Sahr have been so drunk, thoughtless and violent at that faithful night.

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In his narration, the victim Mohammed Nyallay said that he does not have any previous issue with the Police Officer neither did the officer informed him of any crime committed by him . According to him, He was very shocked when he saw the Police officer held him and gave him serious fists in his mouth. He further narrated that at the struggle and bleeding community people who witness the issue arrested Sahr Gbetuwa who then informed them that he is a Police Officer. Nonetheless, He was taken to the Foindu Mamemah Police Station and handed to the Officer in Charge of the Station.

When confronted at the Police custody, Sahr Gbetuwa denied the allegations of assaulting Mohammed Nyallay. In his testimony, He said he just saw himself been beaten by community people. He also denied biting anybody. He said all what he knows his that people beat him.