According to a memo from the Director of Professional Standards and Religious Affairs Police HQ, to AIG Memuna Borah Konte Jalloh States that, she has been suspended from the Sierra Leone Police Force with immediate effect.

According to the PHQ memo, “In accordance with Regulations 3 (1) and (2) of the Police discipline regulation 2001 you are hereby suspended with immediate effect, this is to facilitate an impartial and timely investigation of the under mentioned offences for which you are been investigated at the CDIID Headquarters and CID Headquarters you will remain suspended until the outcome of the investigations”.

A brief rundown of her Particulars of Offence
A) Insubordination.

B)Disobedience of lawful orders given to you by your superior in rank.

C) Disrespect in words. Paragraph 9 rule 3.

D) Use of abusive or insulting language to, or assaulting or quarelling with any member of the force.

E) Making any frivolous or vexatious complaint.

F) Communicating with any unauthorised person matters connecting with the force.

G) Maligning or Feigning sickness.

H) Failing to comply with any standing orders issued by the Inspector General of Police

I) Conduct to the prejudice of good order and discipline.

J) Conduct leading to the commission of felony or behaviour to wit MURDER and perversion of justice.

The Deputy Inspector General of Police is to ensure proper handing over and should receive all police property including ID card, other badges of identification and vehicle from AIG Memuna Borah Konte Jalloh.