The Assistant Inspector General of Police South, Mustapha Kamara, has appealed to Government to upgrade the standard of Bo Government Hospital to expedite police related matters pending court attention.

Bo Hospital

AIG Mustapha Kamara made the appeal to this medium when highlighting the challenges faced by the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) in dealing with matters that require post-mortem examinations which he said are most often responsible for the delays in prosecuting certain matters.

The police chief disclosed that there are a number of pending cases awaiting post-mortem examinations by the only pathologist in the country resident in the capital, Freetown.

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He suggested that if the Bo Government Hospital is well equipped with specialized Doctors in the area of pathology, in addition to support from the public, cases involving post-mortem examinations would not be delayed.

AIG Mustapha Kamara called on the general public to rely on the SLP as their primacy is to protect lives and properties, and to maintain law and order.