In a letter to the National Electoral Commission (NEC) dated 15th April 2016, the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) has called on the Commission “to put on hold all training coupled with any delimitation exercise of constituency boundaries until further notice”.

Charles F. Margai

The letter which was signed by the Party’s Legal Adviser, Robert B. Kowa disclosed that during a Political Party Liaison Committee (PPLC) held on the 6th April meeting which was attended by the party’s representative, it was reported about NEC’s decision to embark on the training of personnel geared towards the delimitation of constituency boundaries predicated on the provisional census results on March 2016.

The Legal Adviser stated in the letter that “as a party, we have several issues of concern vis-a- vis the said result which we consider not to be in the national interest.” And in that regard, the letter furthered, “it is the party’s belief that it will be in the national interest for such to be done”.

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The Director of Media and External Relation of NEC Albert Massaquoi in a mobile phone interview with Awoko on the PMDC’s call, said the Boundary delimitation is done from the provision of two data; the Census result and Parliamentary Prescription.

So far, they have only received the Provisional Result from Statistics and they [NEC] have written formally to Parliament and they are waiting for their response.

Massaquoi stated that with the Provisional Census result out, the Commission will go ahead with the Boundary Delimitation process which they had already started.

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Massaquoi disclosed that the Constitution authorizes Statistics Sierra Leone to provide census data for the Commission to be able to use for the conduct of Boundary Delimitation for Constituencies and Wards, and that even before the official release of the result, NEC has been working on the delimitation of boundaries.

He disclosed that so far NEC is engaged with preliminary work on the Boundary Delimitation as Statistics has trained NEC staff on constituency and ward boundary delimitation and also the developing of the maps and that this was done for the national but training will also be done for staff in the districts.