Gigantic Nigerian grammarian and Senator, Patrick Obahiagbon has reportedly reacted to the ongoing Wastegate scandal and allegations on Presidential adviser and MP-elect, Ibrahim Ben Kargbo


Be sure you consult your dictionary as you read his jaw-breaking words in reactions Below.


By J. D. Mondaema, MambaTV Comedy Contributor

To my West African comradically enlightend brothers and sisters:
I must first of all, without any disparant of reservation express my lopogasively disbaine anger and infinite vacifilation over the condecentric action of my West African brother, Alhaji Ben Kargbo. As a true African man, there is no airriditive way to combustulate my anger.

Which African man, born of a woman would in their right medulla oblongata acceptimate the vamoosing of Arab excretion across the Atlantic and into the noble and admiralitic land of Sierra Leone, where magnolamically admirable leaders like Sir Milton Margai uplivated. Sir Milton and others must be liplogating in their grave by now.

Even if Sierra Leone does not have legalatively endowed premium grade local excretion, how can Alhaji Ben Kargbo expiratively justify jumping over many other African countries, where every grade of locally produced excretion in many grades including low, medium, high and premium, that are famented and conducively certify for all sort of Agricultural expalative cultivation?

By this action, my learned muslim brother, Alhaji Ben Kargbo has demonstrated an indignative degree of inferiority complexication that that is not only cascadingly paraphlegic to the people of Sierra Leone, but the entire homosapientically advanced indigenes of the west African sub-region.

This isolative ologomabia behavior has no place in West Africa and must be congestically condemned. Brother Alhaji Ibrahim Ben Kargbo is obligated to apologize to the people pf Sierra Leone with unreservassive oknom of regret.