By By J. D. Mondaema, MambaTV Comedy Contributor

As an impregnabulous senior senator of the Africa’s Super Power, Nigeria, I am lopogassively flabberwhelmed and bewildulated by the continuous Lugubrious brought to the government and people of Sierra Leone by mephistophelean characters appointed into public office in an obfuscating manner without the required gargantuan level of screening. Just the other day, it was the aginating adviser to the president trying to replebinate our back yard in Sierra Leone as a susmopotious dumping gabagon for low grade Lebanese excretagious waste.

How can a sitting minister of Social Welfare, Gender, and Children’s Affairs and his deputy both of whom are held at a octagonically high onus probandi, publically decide to bambooze kakistically against each other in such a parasticating manner. This unplexnous behavior perplestically goes against everything that boostulate social, gender and children’s affairs. This is not only tatanmostically equivotating to Sierra Leoneans but unacceptable, paraphlegic, and crinkum-crankum to modern day global expectations of supersonate decency.

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This Unilluquotent behavior does not only reflect dadaciously on the President of Sierra Leone and the people of Sierra Leone, but also by extentinatively makes Nigeria, the leader of this sub-region a laughing cocolum by the West for failing to majestically jundicate behavious by public officers in the sub-region.

Mustapha Bai Atilla - Moijueh Kaikai

What has now clearly manifested itself as a malodorious conundrum for President Koroma, who was conflaginated by Sierra Leoneans and lupiously hailed by the sub-region and western countries as the first president in the sub-region to appoint as honorable minister a naturally blind man, is the unequivocastical and totigenical description of the actions of the minister as seen by his blind deputy.

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The overgasted and phantasmagoria manner in which the blind deputy described the braggadocious behavior of his boss in office, including actions constitemic to rape and sexual harassment, leaves no doubt in the medular oblagatium of listeners that the deputy is in fact not blind as claimed, except otherwise that the minister has a gingatic loprobole that caused every victim to soundulate loudly at the imagination of the blind deputy.

The last degree of iotilating doubt in my mendula was excaponged when the alleged blind deputy minister postulated that, ‘Moijuueh, you nor dae pass ya tiday’. How in the world can a compos mentis blind man make such a hulucinatious threat? Our buoyantly exsurginating brother, the honorable president of Sierra Leone has not only lost all accidilating affirmative action points concumulated to date for appointing blind Atilla, but his continuous anti-echolastic silence on these degradacious behavious by members of the cabinet is not only becoming suigeneces, but leaving every sibiostic person to reach a ratiocinating conclusion that the president office is furicious in its duty and by conjugating extension allowing the rebranded metamorphosed image of the government to be brought into public lampoon. This is a total degradadum of a public office to the highest degree!