Patric Foryoh

Pan body letter to President Koroma.

By Patric Foryoh

Dear President Koroma, I will like to extend an invitation to you for a tour of the newly built so called temporary pan body settlement for the flood victims that you can have a clear view of what the people who voted you into office feel about certain decision your appointees have taken so far, especially in recent months.

Contrary to the picture your advisers/ appointees have painted to you, the decision to move those flood victims into a ghetto will only bring more hardship to the people down there who have never in any way, benefitted from the Salone government at any time. The little hope that your “agenda for prosperity” mantra brought to the poor man is fast becoming another tale in the book of presidential lies.

So, for you to really understand the ramification of your appointees decision, I urge you to come for a quick tour of the flood victims ghetto. Don’t worry sir; it won’t cost you a thing. The inhabitants of the pan body will ensure that your visit is as comfortable as they can. Sir, don’t worry, there will be enough cold water available for you to cool your feet, wash your face and quench your thirst.

It is true that the place is littered with sand that is easily washable when its rains which will cause yet another flooding, heaps of smelly refuse dumps, overflow toilets, no drainage, no running water, no playing ground for the kids and youths and the units have no ventilation all as a result of lack of proper planning. But as Salone world best, the ghetto people will see to it that your new Indonesian outfit doesn’t get so messed up.

It will be nice to have you address the pan body dwellers and explain to them why your appointees have taken the decision to dumped our brothers and sisters into a new ghetto and expose them to more hardship. Sir, have you considered the type of message your appointees are sending to the common man who voted your government into power?

Go sir, and see for yourself how many families are living like second class citizens in their own country.
Sir, what will become of the kids, the elderly, the unemployed youths who have been neglected by their own government? Do you think the people are happy living in such miserable lives.

You should also consider they have other needs. I think this is a wrong move and one that will drive most youths into armed robbery and other illegal activities.

What I see here sir, is the government favouring the rich against the poor. This is one of the most insensitive decisions taken by your appointees.

Is it that punishing the poor has become a goal in itself for the government? Too many affluent Sierra Leoneans – and, in particular, members of your government – seem to have no sense of how much suffering most sierra Leoneans go through everyday.

Little wonder the minister of transportation woke up one morning and decided that he can no longer allow right hand vehicles in Salone. For these appointees, what is really striking is the total disconnect between conventional wisdom and the reality of life – and death – for much of the nation. It is like there’s a badge of wickedness on the forehead of some of your appointees.

Sir, what we want is for you politicians to stop talking blithely about the importance of alleviating the sufferings of the masses and truly start looking at the way their less-fortunate citizens live.

Yours More Timer,
Patric Foryoh u number one supporter
Na de dunia.