A renowned pastor, who is the spiritual head of the Faith Healing Bible Church, Worldwide, Francis A. M. Mambu, has in his 2017 prophetic message predicted several dooms that would befall nations across the world.


He predicted that there was going to be a bloody riots in several nations across the world in which lives and properties would be lost.

“There’s going to be a rage of natural disasters around the world in 2017,” he predicted, adding “there’s also going to be a lot of accidents in nations, air, land and sea.” He, however encouraged the people to always pray before traveling.

Faith Healing General Overseer continued that 2017 is going to be a time of collapse and change of leaders in nations that will not allow God’s purpose to fulfill for His people.

He also stressed that there was going to be a collapse of ungodly laws in countries across the world. “Things are going to collapse in the hands of leaders of nations and insincere people,” he said.

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He noted that 2017 is a year of judgement for political leaders who are playing with the destinies of people and nations across the globe. He emphasized that it is a year of happenings of mysterious things both positive and negative that has no human explanation.

The cleric said power was going to change hands and economic tides are equally going to change with the help of God.

He disclosed that God was going to use the youth across the world in extraordinary ways to effect change, but satan and his agent were also going to target political youth to cause mayhem for the same youth.

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He said: “I prophesied about several things at the beginning of 2016 and even sent words to people nationwide, but many didn’t listen. Last year, I also prophesied that things would get bad as inflation will rise and it happened.”

He started that there was a shift in the realm of the spirit which is going to affect political leadership as a lot of change was going to take place in the leadership of the nations.

He said whoever was thinking that their offices was not vacant were lying. He asked that leaders start packing their things from leadership positions, as things and leaders are going to be removed from their original place and replaced. Meanwhile, Pastor Mambu over the years had advised the government and the people of Sierra Leone ahead of every year.