Members of Parliament early this month received a whopping sum of 7 Billion Leones for constituency development.


This is only part of the over 47 Billion Leones they have received since 2010. This was made known to the press when Parliament summoned a Press Conference to refute the claims made by CHRDI.

According to the Majority Leader each members of parliament on Friday the 5 of August 2016 received the sum of LE 62,400,000.00.4

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In this regard, only one Parliamentarian in the person of the Chief Whip, Hon Claude Kamanada has issued out a press statement telling members of his constituency that the Government of Sierra Leone has just dished out those monies to them.

As the name Constituency Development Fund suggested the money that has been coming for the past three years is for the development of the constituencies.

Most MPs will rather prefer they used that money to satisfy their unmitigated selfish needs while majority of their constituents remained in squalid condition even in the constituencies in the capital.

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It could be recalled that very recently a civil society organization has accused members of parliament of not being able to account for the cumulative amount 120 Billion Leones that was given to them for constituency development.

The Parliamentarians on the other hand said that they only received just 47 Billion Leones for the past five years other than 120 Billion Leones. How they spend the 47 Billion Leones they accepted they received still remains unknown to the people.