Members of Parliament in the Appropriation Sub-committee led by Hon. Binneh Bangura has raised serious concern over the colossal sum of money spent by the Minister of Information and Communications Alhaji Alpha Khan for the Leadership training he undertook at Harvard Kenney School mid this year.

Alpha Khan

Documents from the Information Ministry revealed that the sum of Le 33, 821, 800 was paid as tuition fees to the Harvard Kenney School and Le 67, 209, 800 as air ticket to go to Harvard to do the course.

This came up when senior officials of the Information ministry submitted their income and expenditures for 2014 and 2015 to the Committee for scrutiny.

The Committee members emphatically stated that the Minister of Information is more of a Student than minister, adding that he should have given that opportunity to other people.

The MPs disclosed that the monies spent on the minister does not have any value on the country.

Documents presented states that the ministry spent Le 308, 608, 348, in the 2014 financial year and Le 435, 697, 648 in 2015 financial year.

The Committee also observed that the ministry did not present their report in a chronological manner, adding that the expenditures were not outlined by months within the year.

In response the Permanent Secretary in the Information Ministry, Mr. Paul Sandi said some of the meetings were mandatory. He added that the budget was not enough and that they had to request for support outside.

He disclosed that very recently the ministry was unable to support their staff to attend oversea meeting on ICT in Geneva.