The Chairman of the Committee Hon. Ibrahim Bundu and team has dismissed both letters from the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) and Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) requesting for the committee not to approve Mohamed Bangura.

Mohamed Bangura

The Presidential nominees who appeared before the Committee on Wednesday at the Committee Room One, Parliamentary Building are Mohamed Bangura; proposed Minister of Information and Communications, Dr. Sylvia Blyden; proposed Ministry of Social Welfare Gender and Children’s Affairs, Bai Mahmoud Bangura; proposed Minister of Youth Affairs, Mr. Monfred M. Sesay; proposed Justice of the Court of Appeal, Sidi Yaya Tunis; Proposed Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Mr Ahmed Khanou; proposed Minister of Sport, Dr. Christiana Thorpe; Proposed Deputy Minister of Education 1 and Miss Nanette Thomas; proposed Minister of Political and Public Affairs.

Addressing both letters, Hon. Bundu said they have received a lot of letters from both PMDC and ADP on behalf of Mohamed Bangura, more than all the other nominees stating that “unfortunately you have not sent a copy of any of those letters.”

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PMDC letter which was addressed to the Clerk of Parliament signed by Lawyer Robert Kowa, was read by Hon Bundu, “PMDC seeks to guide the committee that will be screening nominees for various position as the president has announced to the public…Mohamed Bangura proposed Minister contested the presidential election in 2012 as leader of the United Democratic Party even though he purported to withdraw from the contest. Such do not meet the requirement of the Public Elections act No.4 of 2012 his name remain on ballot paper and was actually voted for and got over five thousand votes. Having failed to be president due to his votes cast, his nomination as a Minister of government, offence section 56 (2) (a,b)… his approval should and ought to be rejected.”

He also read the letter from the ADP to him (Hon. Bundu), “the party is officially asking the committee not to approve Mr Bangura because he is forbidding by the laws of Sierra Leone to hold any Ministerial position quoting section 56 (2) (a, b). He has misled the people of this country where he contested Presidential General Election but campaign for the All People’s Congress… for these ethical reasons he is not to hold any Position of trust in the state…don’t approved him.”

Hon. Bundu said “unfortunately this letter is not signed. The issues in the letter is not here nor there,” adding that “the only letter that was signed by Mohamed Kamaraimba Mansaray is the letter copied to the Speaker of Parliament which have a phrase, “general presidential elections,” stating that “In our mind you (Mohamed Bangura) did not contest general/presidential election. You are disqualified for the position when you should have contested the general election that is what gives us the authority to have rejected you.”

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“The constitution says nothing about contesting presidential elections. Kamaraimba coined that phrase to deceive us but we cannot be deceived so we dismissed all letters.”

Questioning Mohamed Bangura, Chief whip, Hon. Claude PM Kamanda quoted section 56 (2b) “a person shall not be appointed Minister or Deputy Minister unless he has not contested and lost as a candidate in the General Elections immediately preceding his nomination for appointment.”

Therefore, he asked him, which of the election did you contest in 2012? Mr Bangura responded “presidential election”. The Chief weep then stated “that is not intended with 56 that talked about general elections.”