Amongst the plethora of papers that were laid in the Parliament of Sierra Leone on Tuesday 19th September 2017, a notice of motion was given by Hon. Frederick S. Sourie and a dilatory motion was also moved and seconded by Hon. Ansumana J. Kaikai and Hon. Foday Rado Yokie respectively that “Statutory Instrument No. 115 of 2017” be debated.
The Right Hon. Speaker of Parliament, Ambassador SBB Dumbuya has called on the Majority Leader of Parliament, Hon. Leonard Fofanah “to expedite the process of debating the Statutory Instrument on Nomination Fees by next week”.

In moving the motion, Hon. Kaikai said that “the Instrument on nomination fees should be debated before the expiration of 21-Days, whilst referring to the document as “dead on arrival”.

The said Statutory Instrument was tabled in the House by the Deputy Minister of Justice, John Arrow Bockarie on behalf of the Chief Electoral Commissioner, Mohamed N’fah-Alie Conteh. It is inclusive of the proposed nomination fees for Presidential Candidates, Members of Parliament, Members of Local Councils and Village Headmen.

The following figures are the proposed nomination fees for the 2018 elections:

I. Village Headman – Le 250,000.00
II. Councillor – Le 500,000.00
III. Mayor/District Chairperson – Le 1, 500,000.00
IV. Parliamentarian – Le 3,000,000.00
V. President – 30,000,000.00

Statutory Instruments become part of the laws of Sierra Leone after a period expiring 21-Days, without annulment by Parliament.