Members of the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Works and Infrastructure have ruled that Guiccopress is a terrible and bad road construction company in Sierra Leone.

Kono Road Construction

The Committee members avowed that they will make sure it is not awarded any more road construction contracts in this country.

These comments were made on 22nd April 2016 by members of the Works Committee and were later re-echoed by Committee Chairman, Hon. Kombor Kamara, who expressed his lamentation on the status of the 23 km Kono Road project which he said is long overdue and causing desolation on the part of the beneficiaries.

“Among the four contractors that have come and gone on this project, Guiccopress is terrible and bad,” the Works Committee Chairman hinted, adding that the company is playing with the people of Sierra Leone and Parliament by doing the worst work on roads and drainages.

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The company stands accused by MPs that it has been paid in US dollars and the money was used by the company to do better work in neighboring Guinea, where the company was established.

Hon. Kombor expressed his frustration, saying that Guiccopress stands condemned for the delay in the road construction project.

“You did not improve and I will make sure you are never again awarded any road contract. The people of Kono are crying. They are being deprived and politically, this is not good for us. Guiccopress is terrible,” the Works Committee Chairman emphasized.

Other Committee Members registered similar frustrations and questioned how such a company can emerge as the best bidder if is not connected with kick-backs.

One MP said Guiccopress should not be protected for the reason that they have been lying about their work progress every time they are invited to Parliament; and associated this bad behavior of Guiccopress to that of protection from big guns and stressed that Guiccopress need not be given any more road contracts.

Hon Dixon Rogers suggested that if Guiccopress cannot meet with its expectation, the contract should be withdrawn from them.

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The outbursts by MPs in the Works and Infrastructure Committee was precipitated by the fact that Guiccopress upon being asked by Parliament to submit its monthly progress report for March to April 2016 on the road project, showed contempt for Parliament and impeding its work by submitting a document written in French, an unofficial language in English-speaking Sierra Leone, which one MP described as “an impediment” to their work.

Admin Manager Guiccopress however apologized to the Committee for presenting an unreadable document, adding that the report was sent to him late from the company’s headquarters in Guinea.

The document was presented in French because Mr. Sow was in Guinea. We are sorry. We should have translated it,” M. Saccoh Logistic Manager Guiccopress explained to members of the Committee.