The Parliament of Sierra Leone has on Thursday 07th April 2016, after a protracted debate ratified Nine Presidential Nominees to serve in various high offices of State.


Following the debate, the recommendations contained in the Fourth Report of the Committee on Appointments and the Public Service was unanimously adopted by the House and approved the following through a collection of voices:

Ady Macauley, Mohamed Alieu Jalloh, Mohamed Bangura, Elizabeth Mans, Zuliatu M. Cooper, Akmad Femi Mansaray, James Morlai Kamara, Conilious Devo and Adrian B. Fofanah.

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There have been mixed reactions recently over the appointment of the Presidential nominee for the post of Minister of Information of Communications, Mohamed Bangura.

Bangura was conspicuously absent on Tuesdayvdespite he was expected to be among list of first batch of interviewees to be approved.

At his vetting, Mohamed Bangura was demoralized over his educational qualification, as the citation in his degree was incorrect and he himself was unable to defend his CV.

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Prior to his interview there where protests as to the point that he contested an elections for presidency and thus his appointment was a violation but this was cleared as it was clarified in Parliament that Mohamed Bangura did not only decline to contest the election but the petition against him claiming that he contested a ‘presidential general election’ where misleading according to the Committee on Appointments and the Public Service on the grounds that the law bars people that have contested general elections unlike presidential election.

However, Mohamed Bangura was today approved even though some parliament members was not satisfied with his Ministerial appointment.