After been elected as the President of the Sierra Leone Athletic Association, the Former Minister of Defense who is now the CEO of the National Ebola Response Center has said that both the Deputy Minister of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment and the Deputy Minister of Sports are soon to be full cabinet Ministers.


Palo Conteh made this statement at the Sierra Leone Athletic Association Congress meeting which was held by selected stakeholders at the Hill Valley Hotel in Freetown

Whether he was speaking out of the fact that he has won an election or to tell the people of Sierra Leone that he is in the mind of the President, Palo Conteh said that both Ahmed Kanu, the Deputy Minister of Lands and Al-Sankoh Conteh, Deputy Minister of Sports are soon to be Ministers in the next cabinet reshuffle.

Many people who were at the gathering were shocked when Palo Conteh made this revelation as if he is the President of Sierra Leone as one of them said, “Maybe he wants to spite the Minister of Sports Paul Kamara who has described his election as illegal”

Others said that being that Palo is very closed to the President may be the President and himself may have discussed that and therefore wanted the public to know that their named deputy ministers are in list of the imminent cabinet reshuffle.

Some people viewed statement of Palo Conteh as reckless because, according to them, in Sierra Leone executive, authority to appointment ministers and deputy ministers lies in the hands of the President, who solely has the power to hire and fire.

However, the Minister of Sports, his Sport Council and National Olympic Committee are said to have reportedly condemn the elections of Palo Conteh; calling it ‘unlawful.’