Like children tussling for biscuits, government officials in the APC-Led government of Sierra Leone has taken fight and blows as the appropriate way to resolve issues.

Palo Conteh-Paul Kamara

The crisis rocking the Sierra Leone’s sports ministry and Athletics association over the struggle for the leadership has taken a new twist.

Pandemonium started yesterday when Paul Kamara, minister of sports disqualified Palo Conteh, Minster of defence from contesting in the athletics association elections.

According to an eyewitness, All ballot boxes and papers were thrown out by Paul Kamara. The minister of defence in anger rushed at minister of sport where they both immediately exchange fist and heavy blows as if they’re in a boxing ring.

It was further gathered that The Secretary General of the Athletics association made attempts to talk to the Minister of Sports in order to resolve the issues and hold a free and fair Congress but the Minister could not allow him.

According to him, He went further to attack him physicality asking him to leave his office.

Picture evidence confirmed the Secretary General was also left with heavy wounds.

It should be recalled that ever since the former Minister of Defense who is now the Chief Executive Office of the National Ebola Response Center, Palo Conteh was elected President of the Sierra Leone Athletics Association (SLAA) there has been mudslinging between the Minister of Sport, Paul Kamara and Palo Conteh.

Paul Kamara has earlier warned Palo Conteh to go through the legal process if he wants to be President of Athletics Association but Palo Conteh went ahead with the controversial process which has both been condemned by National Olympic Committee and the Sport Council to become President of SLAA.

After been controversially elected, the NERC Boss said that nobody will stand on his way as he is on the forward match to transform athletics as a former athlete.

He said not even the Minister will stop him as only the President will be the one that will stop him, describing himself as an “Elephant”

Palo Conteh even insinuated that the Minister of Sports Paul Kamara will be sacked by the President and replaced with his Deputy, Alsankoh Conteh

Paul Kamara on the other side called himself a “Lion” who will show the former soldier that his violence tendency is for himself.

He has since then closed down the office of the Sierra Leone Athletics Association at the National Stadium and said that he did not recognize Palo Conteh’s executive.