German national Olaf Grabowski was Monday 5th whisked to the Criminal Investigation Department on allegations of ‘conspiracy to defraud’ complained by a powerful Lebanese businessman Abdul Ahmid Hadj Fawaz.

New Age reports that Olaf is said to have come to Sierra Leone in 2011, and was into oil business, but afterwards caught up with Fawaz who happens to have snatched him (Olaf) from a Sierra Leonean businessman (name withheld) on alleged selfish raison d’être and as his personal adviser on every aspects of business.

That after Olaf abandoned his SL Exploration Company, he was into a business transaction with Fawaz, the result of the formation of a company called German Drilling Group, with a twenty-five-year old French businessman Archibald Arcaute as one of foreign investors.

As a local partner, Fawaz was initially given 10% share, and later 25% which was upped to 32.5%.
Police sources say Fawaz lately fell out with Olaf, and as a result decided to use his police influence, then also have German national Olaf arrested and detained in smelly police cells for alleged conspiracy to defraud; an offence no one person is capable of committing.

He (Olaf) who was initially accused of conspiracy to defraud had his accusation changed to embezzlement of company’s money ranging nine hundred and eight thousand United States dollars.

But at the intervention of the German Ambassador, the amount changed to embezzlement of four hundred and sixty five thousand United States dollars, which obviously interprets the police as flip flopping in their cause of investigation thus insinuating that they have been induced.

Unconfirmed revelations are that Fawaz looks like using the police to purposely intimidate Olaf, possibly also eliminating him from his German Drilling Group, a company believed to have been established by Olaf himself.

It is confirmed anyhow that the intervention of the German Ambassador Wolfgang Wiethoff has destabilized plans of both the police and Fawaz to intimidate and of course eliminate Olaf from being a part of his German Drilling Group.

Although the German Ambassador refused making any comment on the arrest and detention of his country man Olaf, people’s thinking is that if the issue isn’t addressed with highest care, it is obvious such will bring friction between Sierra Leone and Germany in the near future.

CSP Mohamed Kamara, current CID boss, admits German national Olaf has been detained by the police owing to a complaint against him by Lebanese businessman Fawaz.

But he assured Olaf will be released on bail yesterday- Wednesday 7th pending investigation, but declined expanding his explanation on the nature of the complaint.

He also kept away from making further comment (s) on the matter and has also not explained the offence his team of detectives are investigating, reason (s) for keeping a foreign national behind bars for days just like that.

It is a fact Fawaz is one of Lebanese businessmen that have received immeasurable contracts from government, making millions of profits.

One of such is recent contract given him (Fawaz) for the construction of a contemporary cultural center at Aberdeen, and in turn freely makes use of the rest of a verse land found lying and situated at Aberdeen.

Olaf, we are told, is a lawyer called to the bar in his home country Germany in 1988, some twenty eight years ago.

Our findings are that the police have no business investigating any issue linking misunderstanding from among shareholders of a company, but leave same with the Commercial Fast Track Court to do.

This, we know, is entrenched in the companies’s act of 2009.

In their course of investigation, the police are said to have searched the premises of Olaf at Goderich and took away with them technical description of drilling machines, flyers, printed company’s letter heads, and seven boxes of wine; completely unrelated to the matter they’re investigating.

Allegations are that Olaf was denied access to food, toilet and medicines. That except for the interventions of both the media and German Embassy, Olaf would have been languishing in smelly police cells. Efforts to get Hadj Fawaz for comment proved futile. Investigation Continues…