The Anti Corruption Commission stands accused by Audit Service Sierra Leone for using outdated windows server software 2003.


The auditors revealed in a published report that Windows Server Software inspected at the Commission provided very clear evidences that the Commission was using Windows server 2003 version, software which life has ended on 14th July 2015.

The Anti Corruption as distinct from other public enterprises, commissions and donor funded projects is charged with the responsibility to hold accountable institutions and individuals found involving in corruption or related public overindulgence as the case may be, people say.

That even though the report did not state that money set aside for the updating and improvement of the software server may have been used other than the purpose, the Anti Corruption ought not to join the wagon of public institutions year-in-and-out blamed for their lack in administration or things indicative of corruption.

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However, the auditors have warned that management of Anti Corruption executes a migration strategy to protect its IT infrastructure.

Outstanding Issues from Previous Audit Report stated also that the Commission’s office building in Makeni had cracks which might be hazardous to staff, that the electrical water pumping machine was not functional, and that staff were therefore constrained in obtaining water for office use.

The Commissioner promised that necessary steps would be taken as soon as possible to procure and install the updated version of windows server.