The Sierra Leone police on Monday issued a statement warning against excessive celebrations during the Christmas festivities.


A statement signed by the Inspector General of Police listed a number acts which could constitute potential breach of the notorious Public Order Act.

The statement warns the public against mounting large speakers and playing sound system so that they affect the privacy and quietness of their neighbors.

The police also warned that organising any street carnival without permission would be illegal and could be punishable by heavy fine and jail terms.

December in Sierra Leone is the month of festivities and carnivals are organized by many people. But these occasions also often degenerate into chaos.

Drink driving and excessive display of fireworks are also frowned at by the police, who warned that these could also attract punishment, as is the act of operating bars after 10 pm.

Vehicles with temporary licences are also prohibited after 6pm. The police said the move is aimed at ensuring that while the public is expected to enjoy the festivities, it does so within the ambit of the law.