Police in Sierra Leone have detained a sitting Member of Parliament, Siaka Sama after his immunity was lifted.

Head of the Criminal Investigations Department, Chief Superintendent Gabriel Tommy says the Independent parliamentarian – who won in the heartland of the ruling SLPP party – is suspected of inciting a riot in Malen Chiefdom in the southern Pujehun district which led to the killing of two people.

The MP himself had accused the police and army of being behind the killings before his arrest.

The CID boss admitted that the two died of gunshot wounds and that a police officer was also shot and was recovering in a hospital.

He implied that the “rioters” who were believed to be members of the secret Poro society were carrying traditional guns, something he said was under investigation.

In apparent response, the state has slammed a nationwide ban on initiation into all secret societies.

At a time of year when initiation is underway, a press release from the local government minister has ordered that all initiation rites be concluded within 24 hours.