With great concern as a member of the Independent Concern Entertainers Movement (ICE), I kindly want to reflect your mind to the Entertainment Sector in Sierra Leone as in a deplorable condition. His Excellency, since your start of your reign as President in 2007 under the ‘Agenda for Change’ your government has made strides in other activities of governance ignoring the Entertainment Sector.

However, his Excellency, I want to categorically based my premise that the Entertainment Sector is full of youths and a self employed job. Since you have made it known to the people of Sierra Leone that ‘you will lay your life for the youths’, yet is however to be seen within the Entertainment Sector.

Moreover, Part II Section 12 of our 1991 Constitution (On the Fundamental Principles of the State) currently under review visibly explained that it is a MUST that the government must promote Music, Culture and other related activities. Since all this clearly tells us that the government must work in consonance with the Entertainment Sector, we have patiently waited to see results on the following;

1. Providing a ‘Politics Free’ Entertainment Commission to be controlled by people with integrity.
2. Provide the Entertainment Sector with Annual funding to maintain continuity.
3. Create Amphitheatres/Halls in every district of the country.
4. Allocate projects to Musicians, Movie Stars as well as other Entertainers to effectively work with government.
5. Provide music and movie schools including gadgets in all parts of the country.

His Excellency, your eight and half years reign has provided less visible developments for the Entertainment. If such points recommended above is being followed or implemented, our Entertainment sector can be proud of maintaining its continuity. Sir I am fully aware of the attention you have given to other sectors, also, music is a tool for peace we must note. I calmly crave your indulgence to prioritize the entertainment sector as a ‘youthful self employed profession’ before ending your tenure.

Yours faithfully,
Mohamed K-Flash Bangura. (Hon.)
ICE Movement National Coordinator.