One Okada Rider named Mohamed Bangura (accused) has been sent to jail on remand by Magistrate Kombada Kamanda at the Siaka Steven street court #1, in Freetown for allegedly forging and altering fake driving license purporting to have been prepared by SLRSA.

Okada Rider-Sierra Leone

The accused is facing two count criminal charges bordering on forgery and altering forged document both contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone.

“The accused on Tuesday 3rd November 2015 along Kissy road in Freetown with intent to defraud removed the picture of another person on a Sierra Leone motor driver’s license and inserted his own photo into the said license with registration No: DL000251885 purporting to have been prepared by the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA)” Sergeant 922 Dumbuya alleged.

Sergeant 922 John Dumbuya further claimed that the accused Mohamed Bangura on the same date and venue deliberately altered a license knowing it to be forged with the aim to defraud people including the Police.

After the charges were read to him (accused), he was not asked whether he is guilty or not, because according to the prosecutor the matter is a preliminary investigation with regard to the charges.

“Considering the nature of the offences charged at this stage the accused is to be remanded in custody at the Pademba road male Correctional Centre in Freetown” Magistrate Kamanda ordered.

Magistrate Kamanda has adjourned this matter to the 9th December 2015.