Bike riders in the Southern city of Bo had to fight it out again with personnel of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) when one of the riders was accused of the death of a female student of Njala University in the afternoon of Wednesday 16th February, 2016.

Okada Riders-SL

According to eyewitness accounts, the bike rider was answering to a phone call when his bike was hit by a vehicle that was not properly dared of way as a result of inattentiveness due to the phone call.

Details may be sketchy but what is important here is drawing the attention of the traffic division of the SLP and SLRSA traffic wardens to ensure stringent measures against riders and drivers that ride and drive while answering to phone calls.

The scene of crime was so pathetic that many ladies in Bo now feel unsafe to ride bikes as pillions behind reckless riders.

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According to a lady, Lucinda Kamara, “We are now set to see what comes out of this latest incident of reckless riding that has caused the death of a University student.”

The incident took place across roads often referred to in Bo as ‘Soldier Kill Rebel.’