One of the notorious clique arm robbers who have caused so many atrocities in Freetown, Ibrahim aka Bow Wow has been nabbed together with one of his colleagues, Ronald at Beccle Street, Brookfield’s in Freetown and they are presently detained at the OSD Headquarter King Harman Road helping the Police with investigation.

Bow Wow The Killer

Bow Wow has been declared wanted by Police officers but he had been in hiding place for quite a long time until the 14th of this month when he was apprehended by OSD officers after terrorizing the famous Police Boxer in Freetown, John Brown who happen to be an excel member of the Sierra Leone Boxing Association.

Explaining to this medium in tears, the terrorized and wounded Police Boxer said last Sunday night he was coming from his aunt at Congo Market to no 18 Victoria Street where he resided when four (4) bad men blocked his way. He pointed out that one of them asked who are you and Bow Wow the Five Star General said he was Boxer let us leave him pass but the other said we should not let him go some of these guys have money and indeed the victim affirmed he was with three hundred and fifty thousand Leones and a sophisticated mobile phone valued at five hundred thousand Leones.

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“What is happening now Boxer prove it” they asked him but he responded that “the san hot”. At this juncture, Mr. Brown said he was knocked on his head with an iron by one of them and Bow Wow the Killer shouted at him “sit on the ground”, they drew a knife and said to him we have stabbed people who are more important that you in society. At this moment Mr. Brown said Bow Wow tried to put the knife on his neck to slay him but he blocked the knife with his hand when Bow Wow drew the Knife and caused serious wound on his left hand.

He dilated that one of them turn at the corner to urinate and he was able to ran away and escaped death after taking away everything from him. “they sent bottle on my back threatened to kill me for my parents” he explained.

On the next morning, Mr. Brown said he went at the Adelaide Police Station where statement was obtained from him and one of the officers gave him a mobile phone for temporal use. I was overcome because the thieves were many with knives and cutlasses on their hands.

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They were met smoking with some women at 11pm at the designated address when the Police opened the door with force and dragged Bow Wow with his colleague to OSD headquarter (Benghazi).

Interrogating the two criminals, Bow Wow who marked his chest and stomach with inscriptions like, “MOB” “Thug Life” said he was at home peacefully when arrested by Police while Ronald from Kroo Town Road said he went on visit to Bow Wow when he fell under Police.